Final Reflection

_DLG6466When first deciding to take this class I had no idea what to expect. I mean when you hear the term digital identity it is usually associated with what not to do as opposed to creating one. Therefore, I had no idea what I was getting into. However, after a full semester of exploring my digital identity I am extremely happy with the work I was able to produce.

I immediately knew I was going to like this class after the first day. Creating accounts for all of the various social networks was something I long avoided. I found them pointless and a waste of time. However, my mind changed with one little site called instagram.

As a photographer, I am always looking for ways to get my photography out to the masses. This site showed me the importance of social networking when it comes to exposure of your work. At first, I had trouble getting followers, but after grasping the concept of hash tags, I caught on fast and since have made many good connections.

The Supercuts assignment is hands down my favorite assignment. I really enjoy compiling clips from various outlets and putting them together to tell a story or point out a trend. It is amazing some of the things you can do with the clips when you incorporate music and such to enhance the video.

My second favorite assignment was the DSRadio assignment. I like the concept of creating our own radio shows and wish we had more time to work on them in class, but it was fun to play around and hear them played back as well.

The relax environment was the best part of the class. Being able to pick which assignments I wanted to do as opposed to being assigned made it enjoyable and more likely that I would actually do them. Not being bogged down with assignments I had no interest in made it possible for me to get more done. Also picking my own project made me have more of an investment in the outcome and quality of the project. I wanted to do good work as opposed to just doing enough to say I did it.

This class has become one of my favorites. I have already used many of the skills learned in this class to further my digital identity and know I will be utilizing skills learned in this class for a long time to come.


One thought on “Final Reflection

  1. Great to hear that you discovered instagram and I hope it helps propel you as a professional photographer. You always brought a clear mind and opinion to the class which I greatly appreciated. As well I loved the “Shuffler” supercut, very inspired fun work!

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